Jeremy Clarkson Unsure As To Whether Clarkson’s Farm Will Get Season 2

Jeremy Clarkson and his new show Clarkson’s Farm has been a huge success for Amazon and the presenter, with fans singing the show’s praises across social media. But with this praise comes questions of whether there will be a second season of the show.

The show, which only spans 8 episodes on Amazon Prime Video, shows how presenter Jeremy Clarkson created a farm from his 1000-acre land that surrounds his home in the English Cotswolds. It turns out it’s rather harder than he thought, with it not being such a success – you find out more on the final episode.

Now, with fans asking about how it will continue, or whether it will at all, Clarskon has commented on the future of the show.

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Jeremy Clarkson Responds To Season 2 Questions

Jeremy Clarkson admits that he’s in the dark as much as the rest of us, admitting that it’s down to Amazon Prime as to whether the show returns for a second series. 

He posted to Twitter after a fan asked him about this directly:

That’s a decision for @primevideouk“, he says. 

Despite this, it does seem as though fans have taken to bombarding Amazon with tweets about a second series, so they definitely know that there’s a want from fans here.

This response comes only moments after Clarkson thanks fans across the world for their positive reaction to the show:

He wrote on Twitter:

“I’m genuinely amazed at the response to Clarkson’s Farm. Thank you all so much for your kind words. 

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