Jeremy Clarkson Tells Us How To Deal With Zombies

It looks like Lincoln has a pretty major drug problem, and according to local business owners, the issue is resulting in scenes just a bit too reminiscent of The Walking Dead. Drug “zombies” (users) are being found in a trance-like state nearly daily, with users being found lying on the floor in a shop, slouched in a phone box, lying in a daze in public, etc.

Jeremy Clarkson, of course, has his own opinions on the matter.

CREDIT: James Wadsworth

“…it seems many of the locals are mad because they’ve been running around all week telling anyone who’ll listen that the city has been overrun with abusive and violent drug addicts.

They’re not frightening, just hilarious.

Certainly, if I lived in Lincoln and wanted to give the kids a fun day out, I’d take them out into the city centre to spend a couple of hours laughing at the zombie men.”

CREDIT: Lincolnshire Live

Lincoln’s MP Karen Lee has vowed to tackle the issue:

“I don’t agree that these people should be called zombies…They are people that are victims of pushers and dealers.

I acknowledge that there is a problem with drugs in some parts of the city and am looking to hold a meeting with the police, police crime and commissioner Marc Jones and the leaders of the City of Lincoln Council and Lincolnshire County Council to look at how we can tackle this.”

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