Jeremy Clarkson Takes Swipe At His Builders: “Like Six-Year-Old Children”

After a series of delays to construction work that have been going on for two years, Jeremy Clarkson compares the builders working on his new house in Chipping Norton to six-year-olds.

In his weekly Sunday Times column, the TV personality and farmer explains: “Covid and the first lockdown caused the original completion date of May 2021 to be delayed to July. And then something else came along — I’m not sure what it was — that pushed it back to the end of August.

“Then I was given a date of mid-October, and now I’m hearing rumours that I won’t be in till the standard builders’ finishing time of ‘Christmas’.”

Jeremy then went on to say he wouldn’t mind the delays “if they were just getting on with it”.

However, Jeremy continued: “This is the thing you don’t realise when you’re constructing a house: builders are like six-year-old children.

“They need constant supervision. If you let them “get on with it”, they fall in ponds and spill paint and drop stuff, and then they all argue and sulk and you have to stop what you’re doing to sort them out.”

The Grand Tour presenter said that there were a number of reasons for his dissatisfaction, stating that numerous things had gone wrong.

“They forgot to order a pantry door, the staircase arrived and was six inches too short and the cast-iron spindles looked as if I’d made them in metalwork at school in 1974.”

Jeremy is currently living in Chadlington, in what he describes as being the “smallest cottage in Britain“.

“I can stand in the centre of the sitting room and touch all four walls.

“And I’m able to cook supper and go to the loo simultaneously.

“It was awful to begin with but now it’s intolerable,” he admitted.

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