Jeremy Clarkson Takes Most Direct Jab at Top Gear in Episode 4

From the very first episode of The Grand Tour, the show and its hosts have all made their share of jokes, some referencing the BBC. In the latest episode, however, Jeremy Clarkson takes an obvious jab at the BBC and Top Gear.

The three Grand Tour hosts have for the most part remained quiet in regards to Top Gear’s troubled last season, sometimes even giving dignified and respectful responses in regards to it in media interviews, or at least James May did, but it seems that their silence is over. The last season of Top Gear was plagued with rapid loss of viewers, poor reviews, and rampant online rants against the show’s replacement hosts and this week the trio finally poked fun over it.


Leading into the “Conversation Street” segment, Jeremy said,

“I’m trying to think of a metaphor, for someone who’s really tried their hardest with something, and it hasn’t worked” (to which the crowd immediately begins to chuckle as the three hosts shake their heads trying to come up with something)…. nope nothing’s coming to mind.”

This joke can obviously be inferred to be about Top Gear, more specifically it seems to be a jab at Chris Evans and his failed attempt at taking over lead hosting duties from Jeremy Clarkson. It’s been well documented that Chris had said he gave it his best shot but fed up with the poor feedback and poor performance of the show he elected to leave after just one season. It could also be meant as a general swing at the BBC’s failing to reboot Top Gear despite piling the show with a multitude of famous hosts.


Is this the first of many pokes at prods to come, directed at Top Gear? A friendly rivalry or a heated competition? Only time will tell.

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