The Grand Tour Season 4

Jeremy Clarkson on The Grand Tour Season 4 – “You’ll Be Surprised”

Thing get weird for The Grand Tour Season 4…

Jeremy Clarkson has been hot on his Instagram lately, posting behind the scenes images of the latest batch of filming for The Grand Tour Season 4. We’ve shown you a few photos earlier this week, but more clues on what the trio are getting up to have been leaked!

As you can see from the post above, the trio are taking to the streets on three mountain bikes. And despite Hammond’s tee saying ‘Cambodia’, they’re actually in Vietnam. No, we didn’t work that out ourselves, we cheated and just waited for Jeremy to tell us himself!

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Goodbye Vietnam

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We’re sure there’s going to be a joke about the Vietnamese currency being called Dong. Hehe.

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The future

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This isn’t the first time they’ve travelled across Vietnam on two wheels. They’ve previously used mopeds and motorbikes to complete numerous challenges as they rode across the country.

Are you excited for the upcoming season? Let us know what you want to see below in the comments!

Written by Alex Harrington

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  1. That is great news as I was worried that it was all over and that the world as I know it was coming to an end!
    I say go for at least season 10!!





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