Jeremy Clarkson Not Happy with Boarding School Failing His Daughter

More Clarkson rage coming your way on this fine Monday! With that click bait title out of the way, let’s look at the latest target of Jeremy’s anger: his daughter’s £34,000 a year boarding school. To be fair to Jeremy, I completely understand his frustration, and at least he didn’t punch anyone this time (low blow, I know).

In an article by the Daily Mail, Jeremy is reportedly upset at his daughter’s boarding school (which shall remain unnamed) for, and there’s no other way of wording this, royally screwing over his daughter over a misinformed syllabus and failing to prepare her for her exams.

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From the mouth of Jezza himself:

“Since last summer, my youngest daughter — who reads heavyweight novels and even Shakespeare for fun — has been studying hard for her English A-level.

And now I get a letter from the school saying: ‘Oops, sorry. We’ve been teaching her about a poem by William Yeats but it turns out that’s not on the syllabus and we should have been doing Chaucer.’

They assure me that if she gives up her Easter holidays and all social activity until June, they can cram her with enough knowledge to get her through the exam. Well, that’s not good enough.”

Honestly, I’d be pretty peeved as well. I have to give Jeremy credit; he remained a lot more civilized than I would have been. Jeremy, of course, added one final comment in classic Clarkson form:

“I won’t name the school but I will say that it can send me a bill for the last term if it likes. But I shall use it to wipe my a***.”

Never change, Jeremy.

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