Jeremy Clarkson Keeps His Bentley Continental GT From The Grand Tour: Madagascar Special

Amazon Prime Video is still yet to release The Grand Tour: Madagascar Special, and fans aren’t overly happy about this, but we’ve spotted something that may cheer some of you up.

As you may know, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May were spotted driving three highly modified cars through Madagascar: a Ford Focus RS with its wheels swapped for caterpillar tracks, a Caterham Seven with larger wheels, and a Bentley Continental GT that was fitted with an external roll cage and larger wheels, as well as a snorkel for the air intake.

Well, it turns out Clarkson has taken this car home with his after it’s been spotted several times around his home in Great Tew, UK. Now, we’ve found this image of Clarkson’s tractors lined up alongside the Conti GT from the Madagascar Episode.

The red tractor on the right is his new (to him) Lamborghini tractor that he bought not long ago. You can read more about that here.

So, more teasing of the Madagascar Special that’s set to come out later this year. Please Amazon, just let us have it now…


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