Jeremy Clarkson Issues Warning To Fans Over Coronavirus Concerns

Being the leading presenter of two of the largest car shows on the planet, The Grand Tour and Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson is used to getting asked for his autograph and photos by fans. But with the Coronavirus concerns launching whole countries into lockdowns and social distancing, it’s become dangerous to do such things.

Via Clarkson’s Twitter account, he posted the following warning after explaining that his farm shop is now open again:

“Two things,” he says. “To maintain minimum safe distance, it’s cash only. And no you can’t have a f****ng selfie.”

With a family and his own health to worry about, especially after his recent pneumonia scare, he’s obviously taking precautions to limit the transmission of the virus. However, some fans were quick to ask why transactions were to be “cash only”, as this would surely be a form of transmission.

Clarkson was eager to respond however, telling people to put the money in a freezer for three weeks. We’re not sure how effective this would be, so we urge everyone to stay within government and NHS guidelines, washing your hands as much as possible, and not touching your face.

If you want to take a trek down to Clarkson’s farm, click here to find out where to go. But like we said already, please maintain a safe distance from everyone, don’t get out of your car as instructed by Clarkson, and don’t horde food.

Wishing everyone good health!

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