Jeremy Clarkson Is Still Driving ‘The Excellent’

Clarkson, Hammond and May have given us some incredibly whacky and weird vehicles over the years. Top Gear gave us the likes of the P45 and the Hovervan which viewers immediately have grown to love as soon as they were birthed on the hit motoring show.

The Grand Tour has given us a creation that has very quickly gained traction, and from Jeremy’s latest Instagram post, it looks as though he’s still using it!

The Excellent returns! The car that Jeremy built from a Land Rover Discovery chassis and Mercedes SL  is still being driven by its maker after it didn’t sell at the televised auction. Thankfully, it’s still being put to good use! In the photo above, Clarkson’s partner Lisa Hogan poses with the car before a drive home from a football match, proving that it’s road legal and obviously drivable.

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We doubt he’ll have an issue selling it now!

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