Jeremy Clarkson and His History Of Jag Skiing

If you think episode 6 of The Grand Tour season 2 was the first time Jeremy has participated in the time-honored tradition of Jag skiing, then you would be wrong. It seems that ol’ Jezza loves to jump in a Jag every now and then and go hurtling down a snowy mountain. In fact, he’s been doing it since 2001.

The first example is the most recent one, from the sixth episode of The Grand Tour when the boys traveled to Colorado and went skiing in three old Jags:

Before that, Jeremy did the same thing in the fourth series of Top Gear in an X-Type estate:

And finally, even before the “modern” iteration of Top Gear came to be, Jeremy was on a show titled Speed where he, you guessed it, drove a Jaguar X-Type down a ski slope:

Enjoy these clips, and marvel at how as we travel further back through time, Jeremy’s afro gets bigger and bigger.


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