Jeremy Clarkson Has Not Smoked AT ALL For A Year

During the filming of Season 3, Clarkson’s holiday was cut short when he came down with a serious bout of pneumonia.

On this happening, he quickly declared that he would stop smoking, and although rumours have circulated that he has smoked since, we would rather believe the man himself. Because let’s face it, I’d rather believe a man who has no reason to lie compared to a news outlet that wants to get your clicks.

From photos of the trio, you can see that James is now the last one to be smoking. Richard Hammond, much to your surprise, has started vaping. And yes, I’ve seen the comments putting him down for that. But if it stops him smoking, then surely it can’t be a bad thing?

Let’s hope Clarkson keeps this up as everyone surely knows how difficult it is to kick such a habit. We wish him the best and a big congratulations.

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