Jeremy Clarkson Fathers Newborn Goat At His Farm

Jeremy Clarkson has been enjoying the rural life since The Grand Tour was put on hold due to the Coronavirus. And now, he’s posted to his new company FoodTribe to let us know that a goat has been born on his farm, named Diddly Squat. 

Alongside a photo of his new kid, he says, “Lunch was born today.”

Below the photo he writes, “yum”. 

Clarkson’s farm has been going great guns following the filming for his new show, “I Bought a Farm” (working title), but his shop was closed after he opened its doors to hordes of fans. Don’t expect the stop to open any time soon, though, thanks to the Coronavirus and self-isolation. 

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We can’t wait to watch Clarkson’s new farming show, and although the release date hasn’t been announced, we expect it will be later this year, or possibly early next year if the Coronavirus halts production.

The Grand Tour has been put on hold, Clarkson confirmed on Twitter. you can read about that next… 

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