Jeremy Clarkson Dons Moustache For Grand Tour Season 3 Filming

We’ve seen some weird things this year regarding filming for Season 3 of The Grand Tour. For example, that weird moment when Mindy Hammond joined her husband Richard for filming in London and Clarkson and May covered a pap’s car with a sheet. Very strange.

But that wasn’t the strangest thing we’ve seen, as that would be this, which was just tweeted by The Grand Tour’s Twitter account:

It seems as though Jeremy Clarkson is under the influence of a moustache, as he dresses up as a parking attendant in what seems to be London.

He seems to be making fun of parking attendants and can be seen posing for a photo with the local constabulary. This certainly reminds me of this Top Gear clip…


  1. A Parking Attendant? you Brits certainly have a way with words. Here in The US, a “Parking Attendant” is the guy who parks your car… And they don’t dress as nattily JC, that’s for sure…





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