Jeremy Clarkson Declares Ferrari 488 Pista “Car Of The Year”

During the News International’s The Motors Awards 2019, The Grand Tour presenter has dubbed the Ferrari 488 Pista “Car of the Year”.

After driving the Italian supercar that gets its power from a 3.9 litre twin-turbo V8, he called it “so thrilling it leaves brilliant in the dust.”

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In his column, linked here, he said “…the Pista is one of the most exciting, thrilling, beautiful and satisfying cars ever made. It makes all other cars feel as though they’re built from moss and bark. It is superb.” And, “…the Pista is not just good. Or brilliant. It’s way beyond that.”

As you surely know, co-presenter James May is a huge Ferrari enthusiast, himself owning the previous special edition of the mid-engined supercar from Ferrari, the 458 Speciale. This model was the last naturally aspirated mid-engined car from Ferrari, and therefore often revered as the best after the turbocharged engine of the 488 slightly disappointed some reviewers. Here’s a video of James May taking the 488 Pista for a spin at Fiorano.

With 710hp and plenty of downforce to keep it on the road, it’s not a surprise that Clarkson loves the car. It’s true, the McLaren 720S is possibly the better car, but it doesn’t give you the Italian charm that many want from their bit of fun.

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