Jeremy Clarkson Creates Controversy Over Yet Another Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Moment

It’s been about five minutes since Jeremy Clarkson has created a backlash over something he’s said or done on TV. Only a couple of weeks ago, The Grand Tour presenter sparked a number complaints on social media when he was perceived as being “racist” to a contestant on Who Wants To Be A Milloinaire. Now, he’s done it again with a number of “patronising” comments.

The latest show saw Dylan Price from Margate win £125,000, and Victoria Price from Teesside, £32,000. However, Clarkson was very clear that he didn’t think much of the latter, with Price receiving a number of comments from the host.

She was happy to walk away with the £32,000 due to it covering her NHS salary, but Clarkson wasn’t a fan of her decision:

“It’s not called ‘Who Wants To Win A Radiographer’s Salary Tax Free’”, he replied while interrupting her. He also named her safety net of £16,000, “a bit wet”. Viewers took to social media to voice their distaste.

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According to viewers, he also rushed her by looking out to the audience in a way that hurried her.

On top of this, he was also seen shaking his head in disagreement as the contestant walked away after claiming the price money.

The thing is, Jeremy does these things to spark debate. And who doesn’t think they’ll be treated in such a way by Jeremy Clarkson, a presenter known to speak his mind and cause controversy along the way. Not only does it make a show more interesting for viewers (with this version of the quiz show reaching a far wider audience than ever before), but it causes the show to go viral, have articles likes this one written about it, and therefore be more successful,

There’s a reason for his actions, and that’s why the show is seeing incredible success.