Jeremy Clarkson: Clarkson’s Farm Was Rejected By The BBC Before It Went To Amazon

It’s been revealed that Clarkson’s Farm, Jeremy Clarkson’s escapade into the world of farming, was initially rejected by the BBC before it went to Amazon Prime. 

Clarkson’s Farm follows The Grand Tour presenter as he struggles to build a farming business ground the ground up. Fortunately, he’s got help from not only his girlfriend Lisa Hogan, but a number of professionals such as Charlie Ireland, Kaleb Cooper, and Gerald CooperWho Is Gerald Cooper From Clarkson’s Farm? What You Need To Know

In a recent interview on DJ Andy Jaye’s podcast, the presenter admits that he went to the BBC first about this project, but was turned down. 

He said the following:

“It’s a funny little dysfunctional family we’ve got there but it’s great. It’s such a harmonious and wonderful workplace. I thought, ‘This might work on television’.

“So I started pitching it to Amazon, who immediately said yes. Actually, I first pitched it to the BBC in 2008 and all they were bothered about was, ‘Where would the production office be?’.

“I said, ‘London, I suppose’. And they said, ‘Oh no, you can’t do it in London’.”

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He continued: “That’s all they said. They never asked what the show was about or where it was going to be made. Amazon was a bit less bothered about that – and here we are.”


Clarkson’s Farm has been met with extremely positive reviews when it was released only days ago, and the fanfare around the show has only been growing as more and more fans are watching it. Hearing this news, I’m sure fans will be questioning the BBC’s choices over the last ten years or so years after seeing the success of not only The Grand Tour, but everything else Clarkson and fellow presenters Richard Hammond and James May have produced for Amazon Prime. 

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  1. It was a brilliant production.

    And kudos to Jeremy. For a non farmer, he did amazingly well, agriculturally speaking. Fantastic harvest of wheat, barley and grapeseed.

    I loved the trout farm…bloody brilliant.
    And the honey farming for a novice farmer like Jeremy. And to top it all, he did a splendid conservation piece. I love his farm.

    For a novice first year farmer, tackling so many commodities, I say Jeremy Clarkson had a pretty susscessful year, proft aside. Well done mate.

    As an aside, I say stick to the livestock,
    ( sheep, fish, chickens.)
    Perhaps add rabbits.forget about the agriculture, bloody weather just ruins time, effort and expenses! It’s just not damn worth it!

    Kudos too to your g/f Lisa. She slogged a bit.

    Again, well done, Jeremy 👏🏼

  2. CLARKSON’S FARM IS THE BEST!!! We’ve watched it multiple times already. Love ALL of the “characters” ESPECIALLY Kaleb!!!! But Carlie is adorable and my husband has a crush on Lisa and I’d love to give Gerald a big hug!

  3. As a farmer I had reservations how Jeremy would portray agriculture but I’ve loved it! The mans done more for agriculture than country file or country lies, have in ten years!
    Well done Clarkson 👏🏻

  4. In the US , I’m unfamiliar with who Jeremy Clarkson is and accidently stumbled across the show cause I was looking for “gardening” in my home on Arizona and thought “Clarkson’s Farm” would be a good resource. … NOT! Oh my was a happily wrong. I laugh out loud with every episode:) ALL characters are GEMS! Jeremy Clarkson, you are my new Martha Stewart…

  5. I have watched the first 3 episodes of Clarksons Farm without knowing who this guy was. I think it is a entertaining show with some wonderful personalities in the “documentary”. Mr Clarkson `s worldview is appreciated by this American.

  6. Clarksons farm,was brilliant ❤️ Even went to visit his farm shop which is over 100 miles away from where we live,best farm shop I’ve ever been to. He’s amazing

  7. It’s awesome Clarkson at his “Speed and Power ” Best. Yet these farming people tell him bluntly he’s f#*ked it up and it’s nice to Clarkson not being cocky and admitting they know more about farming than he ever will. It’s a fun yet serious show and gives an insight into the hardship farmers face. He was totally honest asking how farmers can survive without Amazon and Who Wants to be A Millionaire to fall back on. I do hope he makes another it’s a fascinating, funny, serious and enjoyable show.