Jeremy Clarkson Once ‘Blew Up Hull’ In His Youth

November 5th, Guy Fawkes Day, is typically celebrated with a bunch of fireworks and bonfires and such forms of merriment. But did you know our very own Jeremy Clarkson claims that he and his friends once “blew up Hull” when they were younger? Jeremy? Explosions? Nah…

When he was younger, Jeremy was invited to a November 5th party, where, after a couple of beers, he and his friends decided to build a “monster” firework. In Jeremy’s words:

“Everyone turned up with a party seven of Worthington E and a small box of Standard fireworks…The sort that fizzes momentarily in a flowerbed and amuses no one at all.

It was decided, therefore, that rather than set them off individually, we would meld them together to create the mother of all fireworks. The biggest rocket to be developed in Britain since Blue Streak. A bomb so big that it would make seismograph needles wobble as far away as Buenos Aires.”

Long story short, the firework was made, launched, then “Hull blew up.” Jeremy described it as one of the loudest explosions he had ever heard. Apparently, the firework was so powerful that it shattered windows, dislodged roof tiles, and bent chimneys.

“And for a moment, through the hole we’d punched in the atmosphere, we may have caught a glimpse of Guy Fawkes himself sitting up there in the heavens with a puzzled look on his face.”


Hull Daily Mail

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