Jeremy Clarkson And James May Argued Over Key Part Of Upcoming Grand Tour Episode: “Jeremy Hates It”

The next episode of The Grand Tour will see a Citroen 2CV being dropped from a helicopter, but James May has revealed that he argued with his fellow presenter Jeremy Clarkson over the idea.

“We had an argument about the 2CV because I think it’s a wonderful thing,” James May revealed to the Radio Times.

“Jeremy, however, hates it!”

He continued:

“We always consider what we do”.

“I particularly consider things because I’m a bit wishy-washy and woke these days.”

Arguments between the two, plus Richard Hammond, has always made the show more interesting from a fan’s perspective, and this relationship between the three and the chemistry they put on show is a big reason why their shows, Top Gear and The Grand Tour, have been so successful.

Despite this, the trio has been accused of a “purely transactional”. And while Richard Hammond denied this, he also admitted that they hadn’t missed each other while they were separated during the pandemic. A recent video from DriveTribe featuring a day in the life of Richard Hammond, confirms this.

He tells the camera that he’s very happy to be working around his local village and going home at the end of the day to his family.

He tells the camera:

“At the other end of the day now – the effect of working in my home county is even stronger because I’m going home.

“I’ve been to work today and I’m going home tonight and not only that, Mindy came to visit me so I’ll go and see if she’s still as fiery as she was earlier on when she gave me a complete roasting over the way I’ve laid out the workshop.”

He continues:

“But I love doing that as well going home at the end of the day to talk about my work with Mindy that’s just down the road.

It’s a new life. I think it’s normal for most people but it’s a bit new and novel to me.”

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