James May Interviewed In Detroit Regarding The Grand Tour Season 3 Filming

With The Grand Tour filming in Detroit for Season 3, we’re trying to scoop up all the information coming from that area regarding the trio and their goings on. One thing we’ve found is the interview above with James May.

While James couldn’t give much away about The Grand Tour, he was more than happy to share his opinions on Detroit.

“We’re filming a top-secret film about cars,” James says. “We’ve decided that Detroit is probably the coolest city in America.

“Because it’s got a mixture of grittiness and new tech, upcoming trendy stuff, farming, some nice coffee and a beach in the middle of town.

“It’s cool. It’s happening.”

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“I first came here 25 years ago and it was a shit hole. It’s now actually pretty nice.

“I was actually a bit scary to go round in those days, but not anymore!”

Unfortunately his interview is cut short as his Project Manager whisks him off to continue working. So we’ll have to just wait and see when it comes to our screens. We’re excited and I’m sure you are, too!