James May Explains The Grand Tour Game In New Hilarious Advert

As you all know (I hope), The Grand Tour Game has recently been revealed.

It’s not just a game where you get to drive incredible hypercars in exotic places in once in a lifetime scenarios, but you re-live The Grand Tour, but with you at the helm. According to James May, you’ll seamlessly move between footage of the show and gaming segments to completely plunge you into the depths of Clarkson, Hammond and May’s adventures.

This is where I stop typing for a bit and let James May tell you the ins and outs.


From the video above, it’s obvious that the graphics have had a major update. They’re much closer to current games of this generation, which couldn’t be said of the adverts before this. The follow cam still feels a little off, but despite this, we can’t wait to play the final game!

Are you going to be buying it? Let us know!

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