IMSA Driver Christina Nielsen Would Have Liked To Have Been The Grand Tour’s New Driver

We’re five episodes into the second season of The Grand Tour, and by now we’re all aware that The American is no more and has been replaced Abbie Eaton, who attacks the track each time like there’s no tomorrow. Abbie has proven to be a fantastic replacement for The American, but I’m curious; who were some of the other racers interested in the job?

IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Champion Christina Nielsen may have been interested, as she revealed. Nielsen said she was a fan of the show but was never contacted for a tryout:

“I kind of wish I was. If it wasn’t me, then I’m happy it was Abbie…I think she’s a great choice. I hope it will help her career.”

However, would Nielsen have even accepted the offer if she had a successful tryout?

“I’ve had my main focus over here in America. Been racing in IMSA, this is the fourth season, so three years. And I’m happy to be back; for me this is the best place to be racing. And even though the Grand Tour would be fun to do, I’m a racer at heart and I want to be in competition, I want to be racing and IMSA is the perfect place for me to do it.”