Heroic Jeremy Clarkson Helps Made In Chelsea Actress Change Wheel Then Takes Her To Dinner

If you’ve heard of Made in Chelsea, then you know that the show set in the affluent area of Chelsea is possibly as far as you can get from The Grand Tour and its resident presenters. The presenters of The Grand Tour wear tatty shirts and old jeans, the ‘actors’ of Made In Chelsea wear the latest expensive dresses and bow ties. So what happens when they mix?

Well it turns out it ends in a dinner date, as Jeremy Clarkson runs into Made in Chelsea star, Binky Felstead in London. For a moment he forgot about his anti-manual labour senses and helped her change her wheel before telling a near cameraman to help her lower the car off a jack.

According to the Daily Mail, it took him 15 minutes to change the wheel of the new Polo and when finished exclaimed: ‘That’s how you change a tyre!’

He later on went out for dinner with Binky according to her Instagram account.

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