Hammond’s Wife Says He’s On His Last Strike

Richard and his wife Mindy sat down to talk to the hosts of the This Morning show about the events leading up to and following his crash.

Richard begins explaining how the crash happened.

“So I went over the edge and then it touched down a few times and landed on its roof

“The longer the air time I got the harder the landing would be. And sure enough, it was.”

He explains how he’s probably spent more time upside down in cars than most other people, and this was probably useful as he knew exactly what to do when the time came. However, even with gallons of adrenaline running through his body, the one thought that stuck with him was to ring his wife Mindy, who was out shopping with their 16 year old daughter at the time.

This time, Mindy had a strange feeling about the filming in Switzerland, calling Richard the day before to ask how things were going. She even rang him the day of the accident, a couple of runs before his crash, which is unlike her according to both of them.

After the crash and after reciting what he’d done that day to the team to check he could remember everything – very important after his horrible accident filming a jet powered drag car for Top Gear, Hammond wanted to ring Mindy.

“Three strikes you’re out,” Mindy said to the interviewers. “You’ve had two goes.”

She admits she wouldn’t be able to stick to that. But I, and I’m sure all of you, hope to God there isn’t a third.

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