The Grand Tour’s Budget And Income Revealed

Jeremy Clarkson, his co-hosts James and Richard, and producer Andy Wilman set up a TV production company names W. Chump and Sons in 2015 once they’d left the BBC. This company holds the deal with Amazon to produce The Grand Tour.

W. Chump and Sons, the name being a mix of its owners’ names, apparently made a total of £8.39m in pre-tax profits from The Grand Tour’s 13 episodes of season 1. The company paid a total of 1.67 million in corporation tax, and the rest went in the owner’s pockets.

Not a bad payout indeed!

The company said this in its accounts:

“The profit was driven by television programming produced during the period ended 31 December 2016.

“The directors are keen to continue focusing on producing quality programming whilst ensuring that the company’s overheads are kept stable. The directors are satisfied with the results for the year end and will continue to pursue business opportunities as they arise in the future.”

By taking note of the company’s outgoings – a wage bill of £3m and £35.33m turnover (noted as being nearly all “terms of a commissioning agreement”), this indicates that the budget for The Grand Tour is much lower than the expected £160 million.

Amazon have declined to comment on the deal between them and the presenters, but from what we can see, Clarkson, Hammond and May, along with Wilman are doing perfectly well out of the deal!

Bring on Season 2!

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