The Grand Tour Wants the US Navy’s Penis Drawing Pilots On the Show

In the most recent episode of The Grand Tour, the boys featured a segment about the US Navy pilots who drew a giant condensed air trail penis over the skies of Washington State. For those that are unaware of the news, a couple of Navy pilots decided it would be hilarious to draw a penis in the sky. And you know what?

It was hilarious.

Of course everyone responded like they had a stick up their behinds and proved that in these trying times, we most certainly have all lost our sense of humor. Vice Admiral Michael Shoemaker said that the “sophomoric and immature antics of a sexual nature have no place in naval aviation today.”

Even more hilarious is the name of the aircraft used in the sky art, which Jeremy pointed out was called the Growler. I probably shouldn’t write what that means, but to be helpful, Richard responded with:

“To be clear, if you’re American, and you don’t know why we’re laughing, it’s the same as [when] U.S. troops in Iraq laughed when British troops were being transported around in what we call a ‘Snatch’ Land Rover.”

These pilots are unsung heroes. I am completely on board with having them honored on The Grand Tour, a show where we appreciate, in May’s words, “immature acts of a sexual nature.”


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