The Grand Tour Season 2 Teaser Coming Soon!

To celebrate Amazon’s third annual Prime Day, the American company will be giving out hundreds of thousands of deals throughout the day around the world. So what day do you need to circle in your calendar?

July 11th! Get it circled with a big red pen, because not only will you receive all the deals you could ever want, but a teaser for The Grand Tour will be available, too!

“But Alex, I don’t have Amazon Prime!”

No problem! Sign up for a free trial just before the 11th and everything will be available to you!

Greg Greeley, Vice President, Amazon Prime, says this:

“Our members love Prime Day and we have been thrilled by the response over the last two years. It is inspiring us to make it even better this year for Prime members.

“Every part of our business is working to deliver more deals for a record number of shoppers. This year’s Prime Day is too big for 24 hours – so we’re giving Prime members 30 hours to shop!”

The deals start 6pm PT/9pm ET on Monday, July 10, and deals will start arriving every ten minutes or so.

Enough about the deals though, what are we going to see of our favourite trio?

Apparently, we’ll get to see parts of their filming in Mozambique, Switzerland and the U.K. So far we don’t know any more than this, but get excited people because this is the first teaser of The Grand Tour Season 2!

Oh, and just to get you in the mood, relive some of The Grand Tour Season 1.

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