The Grand Tour-Season 2, Episode 6 Preview

Remember when everyone was asking about the lack of cheap car challenges, and it turned out that the boys aren’t allowed to do any because of legal limitations set by the BBC? Well, that may not have entirely been true, as Episode 6 of The Grand Tour is essentially a cheap car challenge episode.

In Episode 6, the boys head to Colorado to participate in a road trip across the state in three old Jaguars. Are old Jags both stylish and rugged? We’re about to find out! The boys will run laps around a dirt track and test 0-100-0 performance at the highest altitude airport in the country.

Finally, the boys will give their Jags a trashing as they attempt to go skiing in them. That’s right; they will avoid the cost of lift passes and ski equipment by using nothing more than their cars.

Also in the episode will be another Celebrity Brain Crash, pitting Luke Evans against Keifer Sutherland in a battle between the world’s fastest actor whose middle name is George. It’s a question that I know has been burning a hole in your brain.

The Grand Tour Season 2, episode 6 will be available to watch on Friday, January 12th, 2018.


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