The Grand Tour Films In Pau

It’s a been a busy few months for the boys. After Richard almost exploding in a Rimac during a Swiss hillclimb and Jeremy nearly meeting his untimely end due to a bad bout of pneumonia, it seemed The Grand Tour would be hit with delay after delay.

In fact, only James May came out unscathed during all this. He must not get out much.

Now that everyone is basically healed up and ready to rock again, the boys have headed to the city of Pau in France to film an upcoming segment.

Pau is the home to a city circuit, and those streets were closed from Saturday midnight to the early evening on Sunday (this past weekend, the 23rd and 24th).

There aren’t a ton of details as to what the boys are filming, but I would assume it involved some sort of race since they’re filming on a circuit. They used a Jaguar XKSS and an Aston Martin DB4 for the shoot, so it looks like we should be expecting a classic British shootout between the two cars!

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