Fans Furious At Article That Spins Jeremy Clarkson’s Words About Sabine Schmitz

The respect that surrounded Sabine Schmitz was palpable, with endless fans applauding the life of the Queen of the Nurburgring after her passing last month. In fact, she was so loved that The Grand Tour’s Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May returned to Top Gear to express their feelings and show their respect to the German racing driver.

During this 30-minute special episode, Clarkson described what it was like when he first met Sabine:

“The first time she ever took me round the Nurburgring she just humiliated me and was rude,” he joked.

“She was extremely critical of me, hurtfully so. She had many observations to make about my driving and none of them were kind.”

Now, we know that Clarkson had great respect for Sabine, and Sabine had great respect for Clarkson, with them working together countless times on Top Gear. But spun this quote to make it look as though Clarkson was complaining and speaking negatively of Sabine:

“Jeremy Clarkson said Sabine Schmitz was ‘rude’ and ‘humiliated’ him in first Top Gear meet”

I’ve produced content for websites for five years now and understand that headlines do need to be worded in a way someone will want to click on it. This, unfortunately, is a necessary evil and a reflection of the competition on the web and the weird way social media/Google algorithms work. But this is completely disrespectful to Sabine Schmitz and Jeremy Clarkson, who meant no harm in what he said.

Fans, like me, were furious by how this article was headlined:

Usually, it’s courtesy to link the source of information, but I can’t bring myself to give any clicks through shoddy journalism like this. If you really do want to read it, it’s only a short Google away, but I implore you not to give them your valued click.