Every Time Richard Hammond Has Crashed From Top Gear To The Grand Tour

Richard Hammond has certainly had quite the career since his days on the hit BBC show Top Gear, and more recently Amazon’s The grand Tour. Well known for his reckless driving and accident prone stunts, the presenter has severely hurt himself in the past, with crashes resulting in a coma and fractured bones. Thankfully, and maybe miraculously, he’s never been permanently hurt.

Richard has cheated death not once, not twice, but maybe three or four times. These are those times.

1. Drag Racing The Vampire Dragster

During a 2006 episode of Top Gear, Hammond was set and ready to run at speeds around 288mph. After several runs getting used to the high performance dragster, he was ready to perform his final run. During this run, the front left tyre failed, launching him off of the track. He was airlifted to the closest hospital and treated to brain damage, including being put into an induced coma.

The health and safety report read:

“Hammond’s instantaneous reaction to the tyre blow-out seems to have been that of a competent high performance car driver, namely to brake the car and to try to steer into the skid. Immediately afterwards he also seems to have followed his training and to have pulled back on the main parachute release lever, thus shutting down the jet engine and also closing the jet and afterburner fuel levers. The main parachute did not have time to deploy before the car ran off the runway.”

Mozambique Motorcycle Accident

The complete details to this accident aren’t known, but during filming of The Grand Tour Season 2 Mozambique Special episode, Hammond fell off a motorcycle and hit his head. Hammond assured he was fine, but Clarkson later admitted that “he really did hurt himself quite badly.”

Rimac Concept_One Hill Climb Crash

Being the most serious crash since his drag car incident, this could have gone a lot worse.

While driving the Croatian-made Rimac Concept_One, the presenter failed to brake for a corner, throwing himself and the car off the side of a Swiss Hill Climb course. Hammond suffered a fractured knee, needing to use crutches for months afterwards. Unfortunately for the car, it came out a bit worse than the driver, bursting into flames and over the days following, burnt to ashes.

Chinese Hill Climb Crash During Season 3

Every Time Richard Hammond Has Crashed From Top Gear To The Grand Tour

Hill climb courses and Richard Hammond don’t seem to agree, so of course, when the presenters raced up a make-do hill climb course in China during the sixth episode of Season 3, Hammond bit the dust once again.

Driving a three-wheeler, he misjudges a corner, flips the small car, and falls down the side of the course. This may have been staged, but despite this, came as a surprise to all of us.