Every Time Jeremy Clarkson Tries to Speak “American”

I learned one thing from watching this video: Jeremy thinks that all Americans talk like rednecks. Ok, I’m sure he doesn’t REALLY think that, but it’s funny that the redneck accent is what he defaults to. I suppose it’s sort of like my friend immediately adding “Guvna!” to the end of everything when he’s trying to sound British.

This compilation from Top Gear TV shows some of Jeremy’s best “American” accent impressions. I’m not going to lie; he’s pretty good with most of it. I can’t say I have ever heard anyone say “Mitsi-boosh-i,” but then again, I live in California. I have heard “Jag-war” all my life, though.

Some personal favorite mis-pronunciations from people in my life (who shall remain unnamed):

  • Hi-yoon-die
  • Sub-are-oo
  • Kaia (I’m not joking)
  • Hunda (to be fair, this friend has a heavy accent to begin with)
  • Jag-wire

I’m suddenly realizing why The American is portrayed the way he is. I suppose it’s no different than every British character on American TV having a cockney accent. What I really want to know is what Richard and James’ American accents sound like. I suspect Richard would be able to do a pretty convincing one.

Anyone you know massively butcher the pronunciation of car names? Let us know in the comments below!

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