Eboladrome Power Lap Times Up To Date

The Eboladrome is The Grand Tour’s test track with drivers such as Abbie Eaton and The American taking to its tarmac. It’s been used from Season 1, but more than likely won’t be used for the upcoming seasons due to them consisting only of special episodes. We’ll keep you updated, but until then, here are the Eboladrome lap times up to date as of Season 3.

1.McLaren Senna (P15)Abbie Eaton1:12.90
2.Huracán PerformanteAbbie Eaton1:16.80
3.Ford GT (Mk II)Abbie Eaton1:17.60
4.McLaren 650SMike Skinner1:17.90
5.McLaren 720SAbbie Eaton1:17.90
6.Mercedes-Benz AMG GT RAbbie Eaton1:18.70
7.Audi R8 V10 Plus (Mk II)Mike Skinner1:19.20
8.Jaguar XE SV Project 8Abbie Eaton1:19.30
9.Porsche 911 GT3 RS (991)Mike Skinner1:20.40
10.BMW M5 (F90)Abbie Eaton1:20.40
11.Aston Martin Vantage Abbie Eaton1:20.40
12.Nissan GT-R R35Mike Skinner1:21.20
13.Porsche 911 Carrera SMike Skinner1:21.40
14.Alpina B5 Biturbo (G30)Abbie Eaton1:21.60
15.BMW M4 GTSMike Skinner1:22.40
16.Porsche 718 Boxster SMike Skinner1:23.40
17.Alpine A110 (Mk II)Abbie Eaton1:23.70
18.BMW M5 (F10)Mike Skinner1:24.20
19.BMW M3 (F80)Mike Skinner1:24.30
20.Honda NSX (Mk II)Mike Skinner1:26.00
21.BMW M2 (F87)Mike Skinner1:26.20
22.Alfa Romeo Giulia QVMike Skinner1:27.10
23.Honda Civic Type R (FK2)Mike Skinner1:28.20
24.Ford Focus RSMike Skinner1:28.40
25.Ford Mustang GT (Mk VI)Mike Skinner1:29.60
26.Lexus GS FMike Skinner1:29.60
27.Tesla Model X P100DAbbie Eaton1:29.60
28.Ford Sierra RS500 CosworthAbbie Eaton1:31.30
29.Lamborghini Countach 5000 QVAbbie Eaton1:31.80
30.Ford Fiesta ST200Mike Skinner1:32.80
31.Bugatti EB110 SSAbbie Eaton1:32.80
32.Abarth 124 SpiderMike Skinner1:33.70
33.Jaguar XJ220Abbie Eaton1:35.10
34.Ferrari TestarossaAbbie Eaton1:37.40
35.VW Up GTIAbbie Eaton1:39.70

Read the history of the Eboladrome here!

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