Do Not Wake Up a Sleeping Jezza with an Ice Bucket Challenge

Back in 2014, Jeremy Clarkson was nominated by “frienemy,” Piers Morgan, to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on holiday and was awaken by a friend who just wanted a cigarette.

Clarkson’s kids decided to have a little fun and set him up by waking him up for a cigarette and then before he could get out of the way, a nice dumping of ice cold water was down his back and then some.

cReddit: SpookySkyWatcher

Clarkson’s reaction was pure Jezza at the end and he absolutely made the most of it by going to twitter and letting his followers know he was just doused in his sleep and to donate to the cause, so that he would upload this video online.

It worked and Clarkson was quick to tag James May and Richard Hammond as the next victims, er, participants, but I still haven’t found any videos of them actually doing it.

If you have seen the video, please let us know in the comments below.


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