Clarkson’s Twitter Goes Mad. Yes – He Dabbed

Twitter went crazy not long ago when Clarkson started posting tweets that weren’t quite fitting with his usual manner.

Above is just one example of a tweet Clarkson sent from his phone as he was enjoying his holiday in Mallorca, with a reply coming shortly after from his daughter, Emily, asking ‘who did this?’. Well that solves that mystery!

This launched a barrage of hilarious tweets from his almost 7 million followers!

Surely it couldn’t get any better? Ah, no – we were mistaken!

Yes – that is Clarkson dabbing. A trend that is still as awful as it was when it began. Although now Clarkson’s doing it I’m sure we can give it a bit of leeway? Probably not… although he doesn’t exactly look sober in the photo, does he?

After all the extra work of rewriting scripts after Hammond’s crash and moving towards the finalised edit of Season 2, it’s safe to say he more than deserves a good long holiday. So Clarkson, have a lovely time, get drunk, and we’ll see you soon!

Wagwan! Or what ever the kids say these days.


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