Celebrity Brain Crash Has Been Replaced By a New Celebrity Segment

Have you ever been caught in a situation where a joke just goes on for too long? It just keeps going to the point where it just isn’t funny anymore and it just needs to stop. That what Celebrity Brain Crash felt like for most viewers. Luckily, the producers seemed to agree with us, and have officially axed the segment from The Grand Tour.

To replace Celebrity Brain Crash, we bring you Jeremy’s latest creation; the Half-a-Romeo.

The concept is really quite simple and should result in a ton of laughs. What Jeremy did, is he went ahead and sawed an Alfa in half (hence Half-a-Romeo) and will have celebrity guests drive around the track in only the front half of the car.

James had a go in the Half-a and immediately, hilarity ensued. You can’t control the thing! A couple of crew members also took turns and spun out. In fact, if this segment goes as planned, it may very well be the new “Jeremy in a Reliant Robin” segment.

I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait to see the first celebrity guest have a go in the Half-a-Romeo.

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