Can You Guess James May’s New Car?

New car day is like Christmas but with more wheels and less sherry. The first steps are of course to look over your brand new toy. Examine its curves and blades and dive into the engine bay with glee. Then, these days, a lot of you tend to put it on social media.

James May was never into that, but since he started that DriveTribe thing, the people who know what they’re doing have told him, and Clarkson and Hammond, to be more active on Facegram and Snaptweet. This is James’ attempt, because he’s got a new car.

“I’m planning a reveal of my new wheels, in the style of a YouTube influencer (sic), on DriveTribe, soon. They made me do this and I know I look a tit.”

So, behind the blue, can you guess what his new car is? It looks as though it’s of SUV size, but this very well could be deceiving. The background of this photo shows his gorgeous Ferrari 458 Speciale alongside his BMW i3, so this new car will surely be filling the gap between those two cars. Maybe a hot hatch? Maybe a Suzuki Jimny? Let us know what you think!


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