Behind The Scenes Of Jeremy Clarkson VS a Fence

Episode 6 had one of the funniest segments I had seen in quite some time as Jeremy attempted to make his own version of a Ken Block styled Gymkhana video. Jeremy was convinced it didn’t actually take any skill to do, and that these videos were all a product of fancy editing.

For those who are a bit late to the game and haven’t watched the episode yet, you’re in for a treat. Here’s the final version of Jeremy’s “Farmkhana” video:

So skillful, so heroic, so dangerous! Of course, as I’m sure we all guessed right away, not all was what it seemed. Here’s some behind the scenes footage of what actually happened:

Definitely check out the rest of the episode when you get a chance! And for those who have already watched it, let this serve as a fun little jog down not so distant memory lane.