BBC Legal Threat Forced The Grand Tour to Kill Off Celebrities

We’re two episodes into The Grand Tour and overall the feedback for the show has been positive. Despite the overwhelmingly good ratings, there are several segments of the show that have received mixed reviews so far.

One of the less loved segments of The Grand Tour is the celebrity guest segment. In this segment, a celebrity would typically appear on the show to plug something they are working on but inexplicably while trying to appear on the show they have all met with untimely ends. It would seem that this is not entirely by choice.


In a recent article from The Sun, they stated that “killing off” the celebs was essentially a forced response by Amazon and The Grand Tour to the BBC’s strict legal conditions following Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May leaving the show.

Several celebrities were killed off in the show’s premiere episode, dying due to unfortunate events like jumping out of a plane and their parachute failing to deploy or being bitten by a venomous snake. The most recent “victim” to die on The Grand Tour was supposed to be Charlize Theron who, *spoiler alert*, is eaten alive by a “wild lion”.


In other interviews, Jeremy Clarkson has said that The Grand Tour has also been stopped from having celebrities drive on a race track, having a leaderboard, and other segments from Top Gear.

A source for The Sun said that “The Grand Tour have been told not to implement the traditional celebrity interview segment.”

It would seem that some of the least enjoyed parts of The Grand Tour may not be Amazon and the boy’s fault after all. We can instead all happily blame the good ol’ BBC. Thanks, BBC. And on that disappointment…


Source: The Sun