Is Amazon Making A New Mt. Rushmore With Jeremy Clarkson, Hammond, and May?

Social media went wild after a truck was spotted this week carrying a very peculiar cargo. While only a part of the cargo was uncovered, there is speculation that the truck belonged to Amazon.

You can see in the pictures below, posted on Twitter, what looks to be a giant statue of Jeremy Clarkson’s head, as well as two other giant boxes, presumably holding the statuesque heads of James May and Richard Hammond.

It seems that Jeremy Clarkson really does have the biggest head of the trio, as they couldn’t even get his inside the box. Likewise, we can assume Hammonds tiny head was in the smallest container, that or the hair for James May’s statue.

On Reddit, several internet detectives have suggested that based on the truck’s license plates, the cargo is destined for Washington state to be used for filming, others have concluded that the head/s are instead on their way to Amazon’s offices in Seattle, Washington.

Are these massive, almost Easter Island style heads going to become a part of some new Amazon Mt. Rushmore, honoring their newest television show hosts for the great reviews? Maybe they are for some new segment on the show, and maybe they aren’t even Clarkson, Hammond, and May!

Or maybe, just maybe, Jeremy Clarkson has bought a house in the states and the boxes contain the rest of the massive statue of himself that will be erected in front of his new home, safe and far away from the explosive team of Richard Hammond and James May

Where do you think the head is going?


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