BMW’s Upcoming 2021 M5 CS Will Dominate Their Lineup

BMW loves to put the cherry on top of their M5 sedans, by adding a special edition with the CS accolade. The current 2020 M5 CS, has a very impressive 617 horsepower. But now, with the 2021 M5 coming with a standard 600 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque, they need to push the envelope … Read more

Mazda Wants To Build A Triple Charged Engine

Mazda has an undeniable history of developing quirky engines. They pioneered the Wankel rotary engine for road use, and are currently working on a compression-ignition-with-spark-plugs combo motor, and their latest exploit has two turbos, and a supercharger. Because torque, basically. Mazda just filed a patent showing an engine in this layout, indicative that they’re still … Read more