Dodge Challenger Demon Sets World Record at 211mph

What sounds like a jet fighter and goes like stink? The Dodge Challenger Demon, apparently. We know already that the Demon dominates the drag strip. In just 9.65 seconds it can dispatch its driver down a quarter mile like an after-thought, but its limiter greatly restricts its top speed capabilities. However, using Dodge’s optional Demon … Read more

The Next Dodge Challenger To Be A Hybrid

I have great respect for Dodge. For years they’ve resisted the eco polar bear warriors and stuck to their guns behind the great V8 engine for their performance cars. The quickest car in the world? The Dodge Demon – able to pull wheelies off the line with no hybrid sorcery or turbocharger. That’s what you … Read more

The Grand Tour Spotted In Detroit With The Dodge Demon

It looks as though Hammond has finally gotten his way as The Grand Tour finds itself in Detroit with three super muscle cars. A Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, a Chevrolet Hennessey Exorcist Camaro and a Ford Mustang RTR – three cars with plenty of power and plenty of noise to be shared by the trio. Hammond … Read more