You Can Now Lease A Bugatti Chiron For $66,000 Per Month

You can now lease a Bugatti Chiron Sport, but it will cost you… If you have ever wanted to lease a new Bugatti Chiron without having to buy it, now is the time. The new Bugatti Chiron Sport is now available for leasing and It will only cost you $65,950….a month for 2 years. That’s … Read more

Bugatti Divo and Pur Sport Spotted Flying Around the Nurburgring

Words can hardly describe the wild sights and sounds of the two Bugatti hypercars filmed dominating the Nurburgring over the weekend. Both the new Bugatti Divo and Chiron Pur Sport were seen on the famous track, and the resulting shots are everything you’d hope for and more. Youtuber, Automotive Mike, posted up at the recent … Read more

Ultra Exclusive Bugatti Chiron Roadster Variant in Works

There have been several exclusive editions of Bugatti’s Chiron since the car’s initial debut in 2016. Most of them are either slightly upgraded in the power department, tuned to reach 300 mph, or to increase handling like the Super Sport 300+ and Pur Sport. Others have been one-off unbelievably expensive models, which are not only … Read more

The Bugatti Pur Sport Speedster Would Destroy Your Face

Bugatti has always been at the leading edge of performance and luxury, so it’s a surprise that the VW-owned marque hasn’t caught on to the current trend of speedster models that have been turning up in recent press releases. Instead, the Chiron was given was given a more track-orientated version called the Pur Sport. This … Read more

New Bugatti Chiron Spotted On the Road In South Africa

We’re aware that more Bugatti Chiron-based special editions will be hitting the market at some point in the near future, and according to an Instragram user, one may be coming sooner rather than later. Photographed in South Africa, this Chiron sports a number of the upgrades that we don’t see on the usual car. It … Read more