This Dodge Challenger Demon Is Now An Insane Muscle Truck

The ute was made famous in Australia when manufacturers started making more utilitarian versions of sports cars. They’d maintain their high-performance nature, but now with a truck bed at the rear to haul all sorts of cargo. America did this for a while, too, with cars like the El Camino, and they were very popular. … Read more

Dodge Is Planning Three More Challenger And Charger Variants

This Dodge Challenger Hellcat Has Been Reimagined As A Track-Ready Beast

It’s difficult to believe the current Dodge Challenger has been around since 2008 and the Charger since 2011. These old cars have certainly seen their fair share of model variants, and yet they are still incredibly popular with customers. Now, it’s been revealed that these models are getting three new variants for us to play … Read more

Dodge’s Challenger Drag Pak Has Been Delayed Until 2021

To start with, I’m going to take you back to Las Vegas, specifically the SEMA 2019 convention, a time before social distancing and face masks were a part of our daily lives. The event was full of excitement specifically aimed at the 2020 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak, a Mopar ode to purpose built drag racing … Read more