Jeremy Clarkson Drives The Alfaholics GTA-R 290 And LOVES It

You’ve all heard of Singer and its whacky but exquisite Porsche restomods. Well, Alfaholics is similar but instead of focussing on iconic sports cars such as old air-cooled 911s, they look to Italy instead. As you may have guessed, Alfa Romeo in particular. The GTA-R 290 is probably the company’s most famous restomod, with Top … Read more

Which 3 Cars Would Jeremy Clarkson Buy For £100,000

In a recent interview on The DriveThrough podcast, Jeremy Clarkson was asked a very serious question. If he had only a three-car garage, and £100,000 to spend on vehicles… what would he have? Well, his answers may not be surprising to those of us familiar with Clarkson’s preferences. If you think you know, have a … Read more

Carbon Fiber V8 Alfa Romeo Giulia Looks Mean

  Freelance concept artist and designer, Khyzyl Saleem, has been pushing out some awesome renders of late. One of these striking works is his V8 Carbon Giulia 488, which imagines the iconic Alfa Romeo Giulia, but with a ton of carbon kit, and the internal workings of a Ferrari 488! As far as renders go, … Read more