After the hosts of Top Gear left and created a new show on Amazon, The Grand Tour, a new community of fans and auto enthusiasts, was formed called Grand Tour Nation. The first step was to create a new Facebook fan page in August of 2016 that quickly grew to 400,000+ fans in less than four months. The goal of the website is primarily share with the community all the good times that the hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have created and will create with their new adventures. We will be producing a variety of content ranging from blog posts to videos of old clips and interviews to photos that remind the fans of how amazing the chemistry is of these hosts.

Grand Tour Nation hopes to continue it’s engagement with fans and increase the reach of over 1M fans around the world with news updates on the upcoming series premiere along with the two additional series that Amazon has signed them on for. Comparisons to Top Gear will bound to happen, so at Grand Tour Nation, we hope to straddle the line between the two shows as well with news and updates. The bottom line is that Grand Tour Nation is a fan site that will be covering every The Grand Tour has to throw at the world as well as everything Top Gear is doing to match.

Gary Lee – Founder | Community Manager | LinkedIn

A blogger from Los Angeles who loves his Lakers, Dodgers and the food that this great city provides. I also have a passion for golf, sneakers and obviously the cars and adventures of The Grand Tour.

Favorite Host: If I had to pick one host to be my favorite, it would have to be Jeremy Clarkson for his entrepreneurial spirit and his passion for everything whatever is in front of him at the moment. Yes, it some times leads to the wrong decision, but he has shown the ability to learn from his mistakes and become a better person.

Favorite Show: My favorite show so far is the one they filmed going to the North Pole! The humility they developed throughout the trip both from Hammond on the sled and Clarkson and May in the truck was an amazing example of human endurance captured on television.


Alex Harrington | Editor-in-Chief

Having being an avid consumer of anything Clarkson, Hammond, or May related, I’m extremely lucky to be in a position where I have to consume that content and – the best bit – get paid for it. But when I’m not doing such things, I’m either writing or driving. Or writing about driving.

Please make yourself welcome on this website and enjoy all we have to offer!

Favorite Host: I must agree with Gary, here. Jeremy Clarkson takes top spot for me not only due to his incredible way with words and video, but for his uncanny ability to turn anything he produces into a form of art. And not just any art – art that the majority of people love. Any content producers out there will understand how strenuous and demanding a task producing something of that standard is. But for Clarkson it seems to come naturally. Good on ‘im!

Favorite Episode: Now, this is a challenging question. Not only because there are so many superb episodes, but also because there are so many episodes, full stop. The episode that keeps popping into my mind is the Top Gear Series 19 special, where they bought three beaters and raced to find the source of the River Nile. While they didn’t actually find the source of the Nile (I know, I feel like my parents have lied to me), it was one of the funniest and most action packed episodes so far.

Although the log going through Jeremy’s rear window alone would have put this episode on top. That was hilarious.

Tony Hsieh| Staff Writer

Greetings!  I’m Tony and will be functioning as your humble staff writer for this great website.  I am also a tech reviewer, comic book artist, and a happy father of two.  I have been a gearhead all my life and own my dream car, a 2015 Mustang GT that I am currently building into a track monster and won’t shut up about.  Thanks for visiting our site!


Favorite Host: I laugh the most at what comes out of Jeremy’s mouth, but I identify the most with May.  We have similar personalities, taste in music, and the ability to put people to sleep when explaining something technical.  Also, I prefer his dry humor and wit compared to the more bombastic humor of the other two.

Favorite Episode:  Can I pick two?  The first is the very first Top Gear I ever saw, where the boys built their own stretch limos.  In that single episode, I was introduced to each host and was familiar with their personalities by the end of the episode.  The other is the episode where Hammond and Jeremy build a car for the elderly.  Much hilarity in that one.


Sam Person | Staff Writer

I’m Sam, staff writer for GTN and avid pasta consumer. I’m a graphic design student, usually whiling away my non-writing hours either A) asleep or B) almost asleep. Because I’m internally 80 years old, most of my favorite cars are large, slow and have pillows on the seats.

Favorite Host: Again, because I have the taste in cars of a Fort Lauderdale condo dweller, it’s gotta be May. Replace any of his old Bentleys with a Continental Mark V, and you’ve got me. I also had pretty horrific long hair for an embarrassing amount of time, but I try not to think about that.

Favorite Episode: Hang on, I’ve got a couple. First: series 12, episode 2–the American muscle car special. Not because I love muscle cars, but because I love seeing the presenters so spectacularly far out of their element (which is also what made the Bolivia and Botswana specials so good). Second: series 21, episode 1, in which old hot hatches are compared to their newer counterparts. It’s obviously scripted to the moon and back, but the Supermarket Sweep segment remains one of my favorites of all time.

David Stockin | Staff Writer

Father, inventor, business owner, published book author, war veteran.

Hobbies include cars, sailing, and social dancing.  Like Jeremy Clarkson, I have few mechanical skills, so my passion for cars is generally for newer, unmodified production cars.  I prefer to drive cars; not work on them.

I recently purchased the “BMW M3” killer, the 2017 Jaguar XE, and couldn’t be happier driving this great machine in the Southern California sun.

Favorite Host: It’s very difficult to pick a single favorite host; each member of the trio is really quite special.  Jeremy Clarkson makes me laugh the most, of course, and on a personal level I would almost certainly enjoy hanging out with Richard Hammond more than the other two.  Yet, I think James May would have to be my favorite host as I understand his thought process and personality the most.  If I was to be involved in one of their famous builds, I definitely would want to do it with logical James May.  The chaos the other two would bring to the project would drive me nuts as in real life I have little tolerance for tom foolery when deadlines are due.

Favorite Episode: That’s easy to answer.  My favorite episodes are Top Gear, Series 3, Episodes 5 and 6, “Is the Toyota Hilux Really Indestructible?”  I found the extreme “tests” that were conducted on the truck to be fascinating, and I was amazed that the vehicle survived.  When people ask me about the Grand Tour or Top Gear, these episodes are often the examples I will give to entice the person to become a new viewer.