The Grand Tour’s Abbie Eaton Starts New YouTube Based Car Show ‘Track Mode’

Abbie Eaton, the racing driver who took over from the American on The Grand Tour, may not be returning to Amazon’s favourite car show, but she’s instead found herself on a Carfection show based on YouTube called Track Mode.

Alongside Jorge Calado, another British racing driver, Abbie will take us to a new track each week where the two will “explore it, floor it, and score it”, all while giving us insight into the background of the tracks.

The first episode finds the duo at Donington Park behind the wheel of an Aston Martin Vantage AMR, and after they give us a bit of history, they begin to talk us through each corner. Abbie admits this track was where she had her first shunt. After yet more history, they start banking the fast laps and it’s only when Abbie gets behind the wheel that we can truly see how talented she is, as she’s held up by a GT3 Audi R8.

After she gets warmed up, they run a fast lap while calling out exactly what lines you should be taking around the track – perfect for if you’re fancying a track day and need to learn the ropes before you get there – and finally, after complimenting the Aston, they score the track.

Donnington gets a solid 7, with both drivers liking the track for multiple reasons. The reason why they didn’t go too high too early, is thanks to their journey eventually taking them to Australia where we’re promised some serious experiences.

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