2016 Car and Driver Lightning Lap Results Leaked

According to GVIrish on Reddit, the lap times of Car and Driver magazine’s Lightning Lap around the Virginia International Raceway have been leaked for this year and the results are rather surprising. Here’s a behind the scenes video to show you a glimpse of what the lightning lap is all about: For a second straight … Read more

Spy Photos of the New Junior P1 by McLaren

The “old’ McLaren 650S came out only two years ago and unfortunately ran into a wall called the Ferrari 458, which basically killed any chance for success. Within those two years, McLaren has learned a few things and is coming out with what you see here, the P14, which many are calling the junior P1. … Read more

What is DriveTribe? The Boys take to Facebook to Answer

Despite the millions of followers and fans Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have on social media, their new online venture, DriveTribe.com is still only at 40,000+ fans on Facebook. The main issue amongst fans has been the question of what exactly is Drive Tribe? The boys decided to take to Facebook to try … Read more

When Richard Hammond Showed Everyone How to be a Dad

In 2007, Richard Hammond was in his Porsche 911 Carrera and was caught up in traffic that was caused by floods. Hammond made the decision to put on his running gear and rain jacket to run the 16 miles back home to make his daughter’s fourth birthday. This is after his 12-hour trip home and … Read more

German Car Show Copies Richard Hammond Veyron Race Idea

It feels like forever since the boys have been on television, so it seems a german car show felt it okay to “emulate” the famous Bugatti Veyron vs. Jet Fighter race Richard Hammond lost a few years ago. Here’s a little reminder of the relatively close race: Now here is the German show “Grip” having … Read more