Lamborghini Fan Creates Possible Mercedes AMG 6×6 Competitor

The rugged terrain of going from the yacht to the clubs to the golf courses demands the toughest of the tough. There’s nothing like a oversized SUV to add to your convoy, so that the red carpets tremble upon arrival! With the Lamborghini Urus crossover SUV expected in 2018, the guys over at must have … Read more

Australian Firm Builds Dream Garage for Dark Knight Fan

A company out of Australia called Molecule took on the challenge of fusing together a traditional heritage home with the mind-blowing awesomeness of a movie set. Most Batman fans will recognize this garage as the temporary batcave for Bruce Wayne after setting his mansion on fire in the first part of the Dark Knight trilogy. … Read more

Jeremy Clarkson in Trouble while Flying Drone for The Grand Tour

Spotted in East Sussex England, Jeremy Clarkson was with his Amazon team filming something The Grand Tour when he raised some complaints from officials regarding the drone Clarkson was piloting. The big fuss is mainly caused by the fact that drones have been banned in the East Sussex area because of some nesting sites by … Read more

Ferrari 488 GTB: Showing Off the Turbocharged V8 Engine

The beauty of Ferrari isn’t just about the sexy curves on their sultry red horses, but the purity of their engines and experiences they provide. The amount of passion you typically see from the Italians come from their love of things known tried and true. Which is where the new turbo-charged powertrain of the 488 … Read more

The Grand Tour Insider: “Wildest Dreams of Top Gear Come True”

As fans continue to wait for The Grand Tour to debut in October November 18th, information on the show is slowly being released from all angles, such as Andy Hilman’s interview last week and now, from Jonathan Holmes of Radio Times. Holmes was part of a select group of journalists who were invited to see the first … Read more