F1 Testing: Williams Car sets On Fire As Brakes Fail On Nicholas Latifi

It’s day two of F1 testing at Bahrain and already there’s been an incident as the Williams’ brakes set on fire.

Nicholas Latifi was behind the wheel as the fire started but was able to quickly jump out of the car and grab a fire extinguisher to help put out the flames.

A small fire breaks out on the Williams car… But thankfully fireman @NicholasLatifi is on hand to extinguish.”

The cause of the brake failure is currently unknown, but the British team released a statement to update fans on the matter:

“Following a fire on Nicholas’ car, the team will assess the damage and look to understand the cause of the issue prior to any further running.”

One fan have their opinions on what happened with plenty of compliments for the driver:

“Fire incident started almost a half lap before the spin and Nicky showed such ridiculously impressive car control to keep it going as long as he did. MASSIVE respect for the man.”

Another added:

“Those wheel covers are not helping, imo they stop air flowing to the discs also same as continuous locking up by all constructors, the wheels are to big, but as I say, those are my opinions and will ignore hates.”(sic)