WRC Champion Ott Tanak Flings Car Off Track At 110MPH In Horrible Crash

World Rally Champion Ott Tanak and his co-driver Martin Jarveoja’s race came to an end at the Monte Carlo Rally when Tanak lost control of his Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC and flung the car off in a violent fashion. Both occupants of the car walked away, showing you just how safe these cars really are.

Friday morning, the Estonian left the road with the car losing grip as it flew over bumps and ended up in a ditch and rolling several times, taking out a tree that was unlucky enough to be in the way. Thankfully, the tree was the only living thing that was really damaged, with both Tanak and Jarveoja being largely unharmed. With an incident like that, you really don’t expect them to walk out without at least a break, but no, the safety of modern cars is incredible.

The car was pelting at about 112 mph before it became stationary in about 3 to 4 seconds. It’s a miracle this didn’t have more of an effect on the car’s occupants. They were of course sent to the hospital for standard, precautionary checks – standard procedure for a crash of this level.

Before this incident, Tanak was coming in at fourth overall in the 2020 Monte Carlo Rally, coming in at a time of 10.3 seconds behind the leader, Thierry Neuville, his teammate. This was his first event the Hyundai, with his two-year contract beginning this year after two years of racing with Toyota in a Yaris.

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